To uncover your true potential.. you must first find your own limits.. and then you have to have the courage.. to blow past them.


About Me

Since 2016 I have been providing personalised therapy and coaching sessions designed to help clients lead a balanced, harmonious life. Combining extensive knowledge and experience, I am exceptionally qualified to enable clients to make positive changes.

Having a background working with young people for over 18 years within organisations providing Careers Guidance, Fostering and Education I am especially passionate in working with young people suffering from trauma, anxieties and low self-esteem. Coaching and guiding them to heal, move forward and fulfil their true potential.

I also have considerable experience working with people who have suffered controlling, abusive relationships and that may have or had a narcissistic family member or partner. Helping them to grow and heal from experienced trauma.

As a Transpersonal Coach, I love working one-on-one with people and take pride in the difference I have made to my past clients lives.

About Transpersonal Therapy and Coaching

Transpersonal therapy is used to help treat anxiety, depression, addictions, phobias, and other mood and behavioral problems.

A Transpersonal Coach facilitates clients to heal and alleviate any issues they may be experiencing, through various processes related to the individual needs of the client. Every client will have a different process required for ameliorating.

Some processes which can be used are inner child healing, current life regression, past life regression, blocked energy release and CBT Hypnotherapy. 

I am trained as a Transpersonal Coach, a Clinical and CBT Hypnotherapy Practitioner and have trained with Cornell University in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for families.

If you feel you are being held back from your true potential and or happiness along with feeling ready to change your mindset and life, please get in touch!


I'd love to hear from you, if its just that you have some questions or to discuss booking a free consultation. 

Love Laurette 🤍  xx 



  • Resolving past trauma

  • Understanding where certain behaviours come from

  • Understanding why you have certain emotional reactions

  • ​Unexplained physical pain

  • Panic attacks

  • Emotional outbursts

  • Blocked feelings

  • Self harm

  • Numbness - feeling no emotion

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Relationship issues

  • Intimacy issues

  • Physical abuse

  • Sexual abuse

  • Stress

  • Lack of motivation / Low self esteem

  • Finding your life path


What I Can Help with...